Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Drapery Shop at Home

Apologies in advance for the rant but it needs to be said...

Shop at Home/Decorator Consultation is a severely overused term in the window covering and drapery industry that usually amounts to a salesperson coming to your house/condo/office measuring your windows and spitting out a price. This means that even if you are not paying for the service you are not getting value for the shop at home because it is frankly a waste of time and you might even get roped into purchasing a product that doesn't make sense for your home wasting a ton of money.

Blinds Direct Canada takes a very different approach to the Shop at Home. While we offer in home consultations that are free as well we want to make sure you receive value for your time. The way that we do this is simple:

  • Offer consultation at a convenient time to YOU!
  • Listen to what YOU the client would like to see.
  • Show samples and explain how each product will live in the space.
  • Work with YOU and YOUR DREAM to achieve a reality that is both beautiful and functional.
  • Provide a quote and finish the work within a reasonable time constraint.
Many times I visit a customer that wishes they could have a mulligan (do-over) because they either told a salesperson what they wanted and while it technically could be done, it shouldn't have been due to furniture or window placements or colour palette etc. Alternatively they were pushed into a treatment because the salesperson loves it.

The reason for this post is that it really upset me when these kinds of things happen because it isn't fair to the clients.

This is why we make sure to discuss the (sorry for using this word) impact and ramifications of whatever product is picked and how it will work. I am passionate about what we do and therefore want to make sure that everything is perfect before we do it. 

To me that is the minimum of what a free shop at home should be.