Thursday, 17 October 2013

Blinds in Toronto the number one pick!

I have recently been curious as to what is the number one pick for blinds in the GTA. While there is great diversity in the selections as every blind is a very personal choice down to the colour and what side the cord goes on there is a definite winner.

As you can see above that winner is the roller shade. The simple clean lines and modern finishes available as well as it's easy and child safe operation. 

Truthfully the Toronto blinds results may be a bit skewed due to the large proliferation of condo units where a great deal of them are ordering roller shades because they are the best choice for their windows and a very budget friendly option.

A great alternative to the roller shade is the Hunter Douglas Silhouette shade. Although it runs off of a similar mechanism it provides both a superior softer look and more in terms of light and privacy control.

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