Sunday, 27 October 2013

Brand Perception in Blinds and Shutters how much does it really translate....

There are a lot of great window covering products made by excellent companies. Some companies have a great line with amazing technology but where does it pay to spend and when are you spending for the ubiquitous brand just because it is recognisable?

Some the below brands make truly awe inspiring products and are constantly improving the quality and trendsetting in colours and options that you didn't think you would need but once introduced you just had to have.

Hunter Douglas first and foremost stands for their warranty which is for the most part the best in the business. However they are probably along with a handful of others the largest group of trendsetters around with colour choice and new control schemes and of course child safety. Hunter Douglas is best know for the Silhouette shades and have recently come out with both the Duette Architella (cellular shades)  and the Pirouette lines (cross between a roman and a Silhouette).

While they make a great product they are considered (and priced) at the high end of the window covering spectrum. I therefore always ask myself and my clients why are we using this product, is there another option that would allow us to save a bit and get essentially the same look? That is where we can help.

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Next time we will discuss the virtues of the Maxxmar Opera system.